Bubble Suits

Bubble Soccer is a great activity. Running around with a Bubble Soccer Suit certainly works up a sweat.

Bubble Suits

Bubble Soccer is a full contact sport, Bubble Soccer is much safer than most contact activities because you are protected by a bubble suit.

Bubble Suits

The Bubble Soccer sport is becoming increasingly popular with a huge following of Bubble Soccer fans being strong advocates of the sport.

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Bubble football is one of the latest sports played mostly for recreation. It is also known as zorb football, body zorbing, bubble ball, bubble soccer and bumper balls. The game is played all over the world outdoors on grass or indoors in sports halls.

The game is easy to play, is safe and extremely fun. It is very similar to normal football even in the rules but with only one major difference. It can be played by anyone over the age of ten whereby the players covers their upper bodies and head with an inflated zorb. These special inflated balls are much lighter and safer and protect you from every angle. Quality bubble football equipment will, therefore, guarantee you safety as you bounce all along and have fun.

Bubble football is perfect for school tours, charity events, hens activities, stag group activities, sport and social activities, company events and kids birthday parties. For additional fun, you can add food and drinks in case of events or parties.

What is Bubble Suits ?

Bubble Suits are air-tight, heat-sealed inflatable products made from PVC or TPU. There are three size: 1.2m (for children), 1.5m&1.8m (for adults). Users can strap on the Bubble Ball and ‘bump’ into each other, much like a Sumo Wrestler game. Bubble Ball competitors can run into each other, roll on the ground, and even jump on each other using the Bubble Ball inflatable. It is suitable for family backyard, playing center, etc.

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